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Se portate sempre un frisbee in spiaggia, ma siete stufi di tirarlo in testa ai bagnanti, se amate stare all'aria aperta, se vi piace lanciare ma non sapete che cos'è un "hammer" o un "3 dita", se pensate che sport e divertimento possano andare a braccetto, cosa aspettate a contattarci??

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lunedì 15 dicembre 2008

Coman Fruta Cabrones 08

Breve nota al torneo di Lanzarote svoltosi a novembre:
i beefriends (compagine mista) si classificano 11° su 12.
ecco i giocatori:
enrico, alessia, alberto, falex dei beefree
adam degli Space Bastards (Maryland)
soma e alessandra dei Frasbadallac (como)
chiara delle yawp (milano)
veronique dei Simon's Tooth
ospiti: Coop e Kyle (California & Iowa)

ed ecco Adam, nella sua personale visione di un beach tournament in europa:
" Going to this tournament I did not know what to expect. In the states beach tournaments are for drinking, parting, and doing cool shit in the sand. In good fashion i brought two American friends, coop and kyle, and stayed out the first night till 4 in the morning and then woke up at 8 thinking we had to play at 9. To coop and my disliking we should up at the fields hung over and no one was there. We proceeded to get two bottles of gin and a bunch of tonic and Gatorade. Gatorade and gin is great for beach ultimate because it gets you crunked and hydrates you. As for the ultimate it seemed as if we were a little out matched all tourney. However i did think we could step up our play at any moment and win but with stupid mistakes, wind problems, and drunk Americans it was hard to succeed. Our outcome on the field was not that good but we did make up for it by winning the party and the town. This included, coop passing out every night at the bar or restaurant, us doing karaoke while yelling out the window at Enrico and crew, and a great last night with dancing and almost skinny dipping in the pool. Many other great things happened, Alessandro hit a women in the next with a surf board and we wore the same Hawaiian shirts the entire trip day and night. There were many memories and non will be forgot. I plan on going to the tourney again in the near future. "
Play ultimate!!!